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    Educating Caregivers to Provide Excellent Care

    What is CareAcademy ?

    CareAcademy is a community of leading doctors, nurses, and caregivers teaching online classes to prepare private in-home caregivers to provide excellent care. We make sure that caregivers get the most relevant best practices, all through engaging video classes. For every class, caregivers get certified and receive an online badge letting employers know they are skilled professionals.

    How does it work?

    Caregivers take classes online and learn how to provide excellent care. Schedule a time to talk with a CareAcademy representative!

  • We make learning to provide the best care easy, engaging, and affordable.


    Here’s how CareAcademy works for you:

    Give your caregivers the flexibility to learn and the grow their skills.

    Give your clients peace of mind with caregivers that are prepared.

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    Take a class in caregiving.

    We have classes that matter most, from preventing falls to professionalism, anywhere, anytime.

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    Learn and share online.

    Caregiving is hard and lonely. That’s why our classes are a fun way to connect to learning and other caregivers.

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    Provide great care.

    Caregivers that have opportunities to learn, and empowered as professionals, provide better care.

  • CareAcademy Classes and Certificates:

    Caregivers don't have a lot of time, so learn best when the learning is absolutely relevant. We surveyed hundreds of agencies, families, and owners to create the best classes for in-home caregivers.


    Our pilot class Preventing Falls in Older Adults released October 2015. You have an opportunity to see how this class can work best for your caregiver.

    We teach classes in seven key areas :
    Quality of Life, Health and Safety, Personal Care, Household Management, Professionalism, Communication and Engagement, and Self Care.


  • CareAcademy California Compliance Certificates (10 hrs)

    If you're a home care agency in California, AB 1217, Article 8 that was recently passed mandates that by January 2016 home care aides must complete mandatory training requirements. Are you and your caregivers ready? CareAcademy can get you prepared:

    Entry Level Training

    Annual Training Requirement

    And More....

    Call CareAcademy at 1-866-227-3895 and email hello@careacademy.co to ensure your caregivers are ready for 2016.

    CareAcademy SuperCaregiver (20 hrs)

    What does it Mean to be a Professional Caregiver
    Communication Skills
    Older Adult’s Rights
    Assisting with Activities of Daily Living (Personal Care)
    Assisting with Instrumental Activities of Daily Living
    Maintaining a Clean, Safe & Healthy environment (infection control)
    Use of Adaptive Equipment
    Confidentiality and HIPAA
    Elder Abuse & Neglect
    Emergency Procedures

    Alzheimer's and Dementia Signs and Treatment

    Preventing Falls for Caregivers

    Dementia: Introduction into Dementia

    Dementia: Management and Stages

    Dementia: behavioral problems, an introduction

    Communications: Handling Difficult Situations

    Professionalism: Understanding Sexual Harassment and Misconduct

    Common Chronic Diseases

    Daily Care: Continence (Bedpans and Skin Care)The Aging Process and the Body

    Daily Care: Applying Special Clothing and Elastic Stockings

    Dementia: Behavioral problems - agitation, aggression & inappropriate sexual behavior

    Nutrition, Food prep & meals: for older adults

    Communications: Cultural Competency and Soft Skills

    Self-care/Avoiding caregiver stress

    Caring for the older adult with diabetes (professional caregiver)

    Housekeeping: 101 (for professional caregivers)

    Professionalism: Time Management for Professional Success

    Communications: Helping Clients with Mental Illness

    Professionalism: Working in a Team and Building Trust

    CareAcademy Professionalism (10 hrs)

    Communications: Communicating With An Older Client

    Communications: Communicating With Your Client's Family

    Professionalism: Communicating with Your Agency and What to Expect

    Professionalism: Time Management for Professional Success

    Communications: Cultural Competency and Soft Skills

    Self-Care/Avoiding Caregiver Stress

    Professionalism: Understanding Sexual Harassment and Misconduct

    Professionalism: Professional Boundaries

    Professionalism: Working in a Team and Building Trust

    CareAcademy Caregiver Update (10 hrs)

    Preventing Elder Abuse

    Client Rights Safety & Documentation

    Hygiene & Infection Control

    Properly Transporting a Client

    CareAcademy Family Caregiver Basics (10 hrs)

    Being a Family Caregiver

    Understanding Memory Impairment and Dementia

    Managing Difficult Behaviors

    Decision-Making, Power of Attorney, and Advanced Directives

    Where to Find Help and How to Ask for Help

    Self-Care/Avoiding Caregiver Stress

    Properly Transporting and Moving the Person You Care For

    Managing Common Chronic Issues (incontinence, wound care and more)

    New Policies and Your Rights as a Family Caregivers

  • The CareAcademy Difference

    Train caregivers easily and affordably.

    CareAcademy video is growing into the go-to resource for caregivers to learn online. Our classes are a fraction of your current training costs.

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    Keep your caregivers longer.

    Caregiver screening the key part to successful placement. Quality training is the key factor in retention of caregivers. Our online classes meet agencies’ onboarding and staff quality needs.

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    Classes are flexible and easy to access anywhere in the world.

    Our classes are available via mobile, tablet or laptop so caregivers can access them anywhere.

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    We are caregivers.

    We know how caregivers talk, how it feels, and what it takes. We aim to reach caregivers and help them learn no matter what training they may or may not currently have, with our carefully selected expert instructors and supports.

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    Innovation meets quality.

    Winner of Aging2.0 Boston #30X30x30 Competition

    In September 2015, CareAcademy won  Boston's event of 30 events held globally, awarded to the most promising aging related startups.

  • A Side by Side Comparison

    CareAcademy is head and shoulders above the competition

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  • Our Team

    Team includes trusted leaders of experts in geriatrics, caregiving, and education.

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    Helen Adeosun, EdM

    Co-Founder and CEO 


    Helen is passionate about caregiving. As a former high school 9th grade English teacher in Teach for America, she was excited about ways to drive learning in her classroom and how to better serve her students. CareAcademy was born out of her own experience as a nanny and personal care attendant to older adults and she hopes that CareAcademy is a place to continuously learn and share with caregivers. She holds a B.A. from the University of Notre Dame and an EdM. from the Harvard Graduate School of Education.


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    Madhuri Reddy, MD Msc

    Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer

    Dr. Reddy is a staff Geriatric Medicine specialist at Hebrew Senior Life and an Instructor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Reddy was previously Assistant Medical Director at the San Francisco VA Medical Center Community Living Center. She has published numerous articles, book chapters and a book for families/caregivers. Dr. Reddy is committed to bringing dignity, through education, to both caregivers and the older adults they care for.

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    Adia Wallace, EdM

    Project Manager & Digital Learning Consultant

    Adia Wallace is a recent graduate from Harvard Graduate School of Education. There, she received an Ed.M. in Technology, Innovation, and Education (TIE). Adia’s past projects have had her everywhere from Google to ETS to programming robots and with preschoolers. She is very about digital literacy, online learning, computer science education, and lifelong learning. Adia is also interested in how hip hop activism is used for civic engagement.

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